Paul A. Oberer

Milwaukee Attorney

Attorney Paul A. Oberer has been practicing law since 1988, starting in Louisiana and moving to Wisconsin in 1991. With over three decades of experience, he focuses now on real estate and criminal defense work.

In his practice, Milwaukee Attorney Paul A. Oberer helps various people from many walks of life. He has dedicated his energies and knowledge to serving the Milwaukee community,  solving legal problems for his neighbors.

Real Estate Practice

Spending most of his time helping clients with real estate issues,  Milwaukee Real Estate Attorney Paul A. Oberer assisted clients with real estate contracts for buying,  selling and leasing commercial real estate properties.

Because he has chosen to focus on this area of law,  he has learned intimate details of commercial real estate transactions. He has seen many variations,  and knows how to evaluate real estate issues.

Whether you need help with a commercial real estate tax problem or a franchise contract or an insurance claim,  you can rest assured that Milwaukee Attorney Paul A. Oberer has dealt with a similar matter before and knows how to best efficiently and professionally help you with your concern.

Call for a free Consultation

Milwaukee Attorney Paul A. Oberer is interested in helping you solve your legal problems.  He is diligent and thorough,  and puts the client first in every case. His years of experience are proof of his commitment to helping his community.

If you are in the Milwaukee area and have a real estate or criminal law problem, you can call The Oberer Law Group for a free consultation on your case.