Milwaukee Real Estate Attorney Paul A. Oberer has been focusing on real estate law for many years. He knows how to assist clients with buying and leasing properties, and how to comply with the relevant regulations.

Because you need these tasks to be done right the first time, it is important to choose a real estate attorney who has the experience and skills to do the tasks you need.

Buying Real Estate

The Oberer Law Group can perform all the duties related to buying commercial real estate. They can negotiate and draft offers to purchase, taking into account the special circumstances of the property and your needs. They represent clients at closings, promptly and efficiently taking care of whatever administrative issues need to be cleared first.

Milwaukee Real Estate Attorney does his due diligence, so that you won’t have to deal with problems later. He understands the need for the contracts to be specific to the property and have clear phrasing to avoid disputes later.

Commercial Real Estate needs

At The Oberer Law Group, they can help you franchise agreements. Operating a franchise can be a great opportunity, but there are many rules to follow and there are often stipulations provided by the franchiser that you need to know about.

The Oberer Law Group also drafts commercial leases, which are different from residential leases in that they allow people to conduct business on the property. These have added protections built in if they are done correctly, to protect both the property owner and the one leasing the property.

Commercial Insurance Policies

If you have a title insurance policy, The Oberer Law Group can review it to make sure that the terms, conditions and exclusions are appropriate. You need the correct kind and level of coverage, and failing to ensure that you have gotten this can lead to disaster later.

Milwaukee Attorney Paul A. Oberer also routinely reviews commercial insurance policies. Again, this is an instance where it is vital to make sure that you have the kind of coverage you will need. If you wait until you need it to check, it will be too late.

Unique Services

Milwaukee Attorney Paul A. Oberer also drafts gasoline supply agreements. If you need help with any kind of real estate matter in the Milwaukee area, call The Oberon Law Group today.